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The McDonald`s Enterprise Agreement 2017: An Overview

The McDonald`s Enterprise Agreement 2017 is a landmark agreement that covers the wages, working conditions, and benefits of thousands of employees across Australia. The agreement was negotiated between McDonald`s Australia and the Shop, Distributive and Allied Employees` Association (SDA) – the union that represents many fast-food workers.

What is in the Agreement?

The Agreement contains a number of key provisions that benefit McDonald`s employees. These include:

1. Pay increases

Under the Agreement, McDonald`s employees are entitled to annual pay increases. The pay increases are based on the Retail Price Index (RPI), which measures changes in the cost of living. The pay increases are also linked to the level of experience and qualifications of each employee.

2. Flexible working arrangements

The Agreement allows McDonald`s employees to access flexible working arrangements. This includes part-time work, job sharing, and the ability to request changes to working hours.

3. Penalty rates

The Agreement also provides for penalty rates for employees who work outside of normal hours. This includes higher rates of pay for weekends and public holidays.

4. Health and safety

The Agreement contains provisions designed to protect the health and safety of McDonald`s employees. This includes the provision of high-quality training and the implementation of safe work practices.

5. Leave entitlements

The Agreement provides for generous leave entitlements for McDonald`s employees. This includes paid annual leave, sick leave, and maternity/paternity leave.

How has the Agreement been received?

The McDonald`s Enterprise Agreement 2017 has been generally well-received by McDonald`s employees and the wider community. The Agreement has been praised for its strong protection of workers` rights and the generous benefits it provides.

However, some have criticized the Agreement for not going far enough to address the low wages and poor working conditions of many fast-food workers. Critics argue that the Agreement does not do enough to address the issue of “wage theft” – the practice of underpaying workers or failing to provide them with their full entitlements.


The McDonald`s Enterprise Agreement 2017 represents an important step forward in the fight for fair wages and working conditions for fast-food workers in Australia. While the Agreement is not perfect, it provides significant benefits to McDonald`s employees and sets a high standard for other companies to follow.